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git rebase --onto - The simple 1 min explanation

on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 15:47

TL;DR the command you want is:

    git rebase --onto [the new HEAD base] [the old head base - check git log] [the-branch-to-rebase-from-one-base-to-another]

And my main motivation to putting it here is to easily find it again in the future as I always forget the syntax.

Mental model


To make all of this simpler think of:
You have:
  • Two red dishes on top of two blue dishes
  • One yellow dish
You want:
  • Those two red dishes on top of the one yellow dish
You do:
  • Carefully go with the finger down to the bottom of the two red dishes, which is the first blue dish
  • Take the two red dishes

Twig is in Core! - But there is lots to do left

on Thu, 05/30/2013 - 19:28

TL;DR: After an extensive 5-day sprint during DrupalCon, Twig finally has landed in Drupal 8 Core and has been committed by the one and only alexpott in the single issues and then pushed as a whole. We still want to get lots done as part of

After Dries' post about "Reducing risk in the Drupal 8 release shedule." there was a concern in the Twig community how we can effectlively get the Twig initiative done. Single incremental patches were not possible anymore.

Upgrade php-memcache extension to 3.0.8 or downgrade to 2.2.6

on Thu, 05/30/2013 - 17:26

TL;DR: Update php-memcache extension to at least 3.0.8 or downgrade to 2.2.6. This can haunt Drupal sites using features especially and is quite hard to track down and leads to very instable system behavior.

Several Drupal sites of a friend of mine have been plagued by a vague bug, which led to very "interesting" site behavior.

The least concern was that exported indexes suddenly disappeared, but on another site the whole exported rules did suddenly not work anymore and such the whole business logic of the site failed, which was obviously a major problem for my friend.